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BAZI 2016


Discover the art of the Four Pillars: BaZi, or Chinese Astrology, is most popularly known as Four Pillars of Destiny. BaZi means Eight Characters in Chinese. It’s a traditional Chinese science of analysing a person’s destiny. Destiny is often regarded as the life path that is mapped out for us on the date and time of our birth.

BaZi enables us to investigate the potential and mysteries of our lives using our birth date.

By using BaZi calculations, we can explore the cyclical influence of our “destiny”.


BaZI birthdate Analysis on

  • Your personal Eight Mansions Feng Shui based : Your personal 4 Auspicious Directions to activate wealth, career, success, mentor luck, nobleman, good health, love & romance
  • Determine 4 Inauspicious Directions – avoid mishaps, gossips, backstabbing, sabotage, robberies, lawsuits, business failure, accidents, major illnesses, relationship problems
  • Your Best Career Industry to grow rich and your career profile best-suited to your BaZI
  • Knowing your WEALTH LUCK CYCLE & your wealth stars to maximize future wealth & investment
  • Knowing your Favourable 10 Years Luck Cycle & Wealth Potential
  • Knowing your wealth capacity : how can I grow my wealth?? share market investment or property and real estate investment
  • Knowing your best skills and talents to attract wealth in your career path and business
  • Do you have inheritance wealth luck ? indirect wealth luck ? nobleman luck ? can I become rich ?
  • Learn how to ACTIVATE your personal Nobleman Stars to attract helpful people and mentors into your life
  • Learn how to ACTIVATE Peach Blossom Stars to improve personal relationships and romance luck into your life
  • Knowing your Favourable Sectors – House & Office to sustain and grow your wealth and abundance

sleeping direction

work desk direction

condo main door direction


Learn how to tap on 2016 Auspicious Sectors to bring you good luck, money luck, relationship, nobleman, investment luck, promotions and travelling luck !

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