name numerology

Name Numerology.

What does your Name say about your success? Find out what is your name meaning and your lucky number in you. Analyse your name today.

name numerology

An auspicious name brings you good luck & success in less time.


The symbolism of this number is suffering and anxiety of mind. You should be alert in every situation and beware of false flattery from others. You will become victim of others’misdeeds. You will suffer from emotional stress and mental anguish as a result of bitter lessons you will learn.


This name indicates that you view everything from an opposite angle.  This mentality will make secret enemies for you.  You will concentrate more on future than on present.  You are unconventional and become a revolutionist.  You excel in mathematics and law. You are more prone to skin diseases.

Kelly / Chris / Candy

It indicates danger from natural forces such as storms, water, air, fire, etc. You will have success in communication, writing, publishing and all media related matters.  You will lose in betting, speculation and stock market.  You should rely on your intuition.


Sample of English Name Calculation by Marinah Numerologist

Before : AMEE LEE, Your Name Number is 28

This number is full of contradiction.  You cannot make wise decisions and hence you will face repeated failures,  You may have losses by trusting others, face powerful opposition from enemies and business competitors.  Frequent court litigation and brushes with the law.

After : AMY LEE, Your Name Number is 19

This number is regarded as fortunate and is extremely favourable you.  You will be successful in all of your endeavours.  Happiness and honour will be yours.  More opportunities to move into leadership positions.  Working on government projects will benefit you.

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